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in Argentina and Uruguay.


Past activities

Excursion to the hut Frey – Cerro Catedral
We went to the mountain hut Frey with our students on one of the most beautiful mountains in Bariloche. On our trip we walked through beautiful landscapes, mountains,river crossings and forests. We started early in the morning at lake Gutierrez. In the afternoon we reached the hut and met other trekkers. We drank beer together, had dinner and sang until late at night. On the next day we visited mountain hut Lynch with one of the most beautiful views in Bariloche. Furthermore we made a new friend – a sausage dog – it never left our side on the trip. An unforgettable adventure and a unique experience for everybody, who loves nature. You don’t have to be rich, to experience something like that. Everything you need is a good map guide (from the school) and your own 2 feet! So it’s absolutely free!

Excursion ‘Ruta de los 7 Lagos’
We rented a car for the weekend and drove the route from San Carlos de Bariloche to San Martín de los Andes. Beautiful landscapes, stunning views, trout filled lakes, rivers, virgen native forrest and some horses & cows on our way.

Circuito Chico
Last weekend we did the famous ‘Circuito Chico’ excursion in Bariloche. It is a route through the surroundings of Bariloche to get to know the most important attractions of the zone. You get to see the traditional church San Eduardo, the municipal park Llao Llao, Puerto Pañuelo, Cerro Campanario, Punto Panorámico, Lago Moreno, Playa Bonita, Playa Serena, Villa Tacul and Colonia Suiza.. We took the picture with Emma (Germany), Maren (Germany), Carina and the mascot of the school Nina. The famous postcard picture is at one of the most beautiful spots, Punto Panorámico. It was a little bit foggy, but even though we could enjoy the beautiful view.

La Cruz Brewery
We visited the famous artisan brewery La Cruz in kilometer 6 of Bariloche with David (USA), Igjnald (Norway) and Joanne (Australia) to chat and enjoy the artisan beer. A novel technique to improve your Spanish. It’s true it does help the natural flow of perfect spoken Spanish coming from one’s mouth. However comprehension can become a bit blurred :-).

Cerro Campanario
After climbing the steep Cerro Campanario, within dense forests and rough routes, we relaxed and drank mate with Tim (New Zealand), Erica (Canada), Warren (New Zealand) and Joako (our argentine guide) in one of the most beautiful landscapes in Bariloche. National Geographic rated the view from Cerro Campanario as the 7th most beautiful view in the world! Hard to dispute that after witnessing it.

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