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Cultural activities

At least twice a week we organize free extracurricular activities for our students. The activities chosen depend on the time of the year and current events in Bariloche and surroundings. Examples are visits to parts of town, to the surroundings, concerts, asado grill events, etc. The activities are a balanced mix of cultural and social events. On a regular basis we show argentine movies. Over the weekend many students participate in trips to the region around Bariloche which we help organize through a local tour operator. Others stay closer to Bariloche and do paragliding or rafting. And even others just want to enjoy a ride on top of Cerro Catedral. Whatever you do and wherever you want to go, we will advise you and help you plan your activity.

In this section you will find a list of some of the activities organized by Academia Bariloche for our students.

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