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We believe the best way to convey that our Spanish programs provide a rich and fulfilling learning experience is to hear it from those who have completed our courses. In this section we have collected some statements by former students of Academia Bariloche. Thank you for choosing Academia Bariloche!

Leonardo Rocha
Leonardo Rocha (Brasil)

Mesmo tendo ficado apenas uma semana em Bariloche, houve uma grande melhora em meu espanhol ainda pude me divertir muito nas excursões e atividades de aventura programadas pela escola. As aulas são excelentes e o dia a dia fora da sala de aula com os professores, funcionários e outros alunos me possibilitou por em praticar de imediato o que … [Read More]...

Mark and Miriam Houliston (New Zealand)

My husband and I had a great experience at Academia Bariloche! Taking the long way home to New Zealand after five years working in Australia, we embarked on nine months of travel through South America, Cuba and Central America. To do this we needed to be able to speak at least some Spanish! So as soon as we finished hiking in Patagonia we reached … [Read More]...

Malte Venzmer (Deutschland)

Nach glatt verlaufender aber anstrengender 28-Stunden-Reise kam ich abends in San Carlos de Bariloche bei meiner Gastfamilie, die mich herzlich willkommen hieß, an. Am nächsten Morgen begann die erste der drei Spanischwochen in der Academia Bariloche. Der Unterricht war in sehr kleinen Gruppen (1-2 Schüler!) und so gut individuell angepasst. Um es … [Read More]...

Toni (Medical Student UQ, Australia)

I went along with my sisters to try my hand at Spanish. I have a good grasp of German and have spent a lot of time in Germany having studied German at school and University. My German I felt was a really good start for me. The thing that stood out for me most was the structured approach of our teacher Nick to the course. He was really organised … [Read More]...

Kerri Kinneally (Brisbane, Australia)

I could not be happier with how much Spanish I learnt at Academia Bariloche. The purchase of learning Spanish was to meet a requirement to become a snowboard instructor in US where my passion lies and perhaps help me later on as an engineer. The academia was flexible with the hours we could take lesson enabling us spend time on the snow and explore … [Read More]...

Ingjald Pilskog (Norway)

I found the school after coming in contact with some other students on the local bus. I had a 5 month stay at the local research centre and was looking for the best place to learn the language. Already from the first contact with the school I had together with the teachers, made a plan that suited my needs. They were helpful to find timeslots that … [Read More]...

Kalan and Nicole (Australia)

We cannot recommend Academia Bariloche enough. We spent 5 months travelling around South and Central America learning Spanish as we went. In total, we went to 6 schools in 5 different countries and Academia Bariloche was by far the best. Although learning Spanish in Argentina is a little more expensive than some other countries in South and … [Read More]...

Emma Plähn, Alemania

Ich kam im Februar 2012 nach Bariloche, um dort als Deutschlehrerin an einer Schule zu arbeiten. Mein Spanisch war sehr rudimentär und um mich mit Schüler und Kollegen verständigen zu können und im Alltag zurechtzukommen, brauchte ich dringend Spanischunterricht. Meine Wahl fiel auf die Academia Bariloche, da sie im Zentrum der Stadt liegt und … [Read More]...

Alex (Australia)

I had so much fun with the Bariloche academia! I attended private lesson with my sisters. It was fun, interactive and really easy to follow. There was brief consolidation at the start of each session which helped when learning vocab. Lessons were really good and I felt they especially had a good balance of work and play. I am astonished at how … [Read More]...


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