Learn Spanish

in Argentina and Uruguay.


Kalan and Nicole (Australia)

We cannot recommend Academia Bariloche enough. We spent 5 months travelling around South and Central America learning Spanish as we went. In total, we went to 6 schools in 5 different countries and Academia Bariloche was by far the best.

Although learning Spanish in Argentina is a little more expensive than some other countries in South and Central America, I promise that your Spanish will be better for a few weeks (or months!) spent with Gloria and Carina in Bariloche. You will definitely thank yourself for spending the extra few dollars when you get back to your home country and your Spanish is immeasurably better for the experience!

We ended up spending nearly 2 months here during the winter season of 2013. We went skiing a couple of days a weeks, whilst staying in a beautiful little apartment in the city (all arranged by Carina before we got to Bariloche) and spent the other 3 or 4 days a week learning Spanish with possibly the best Spanish teacher in Latin America; the wonderful Sol!

Sol gets how to learn a language. She speaks 5 of them herself.  She untaught us all the mistakes that our other, less diligent teachers couldn’t be bothered to correct us on; wrote us emails in Spanish and helped us progress from decidedly ‘traveller-esque’ Spanish to ‘working-day, feel like a local’ type Spanish. Being a speaker of so many languages herself, Sol really understands how students’ progress through the learning process and can intercept mistakes sometimes even before you make them.  So often she told us ‘because you are English speakers, you think this rule applies, but in Spanish, we do it like this’.  I imagine she does this with speakers of Portuguese, French and German as well!

During our stay, Carina and Gloria also took us for walks, tours and cooking classes a couple of times a week and helped us out with general life stuff (like finding good coffee, securing free internet, suggesting day trips and helping us navigate our way to and from Bariloche).  We even got to meet some of their families. We truly felt welcomed and loved. Even now we are trying to figure out how we can get back to Argentina to spend more time with the Academia staff.  It was truly memorable.

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