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Other activities

DSC_0814Visit micro-breweries
One of the preferred activities of our students is the trip to and visit of one of the micro-breweries of which there is an increasing number in Bariloche (after a few pints we stopped counting them…).There is also a legitimate excuse for visiting these breweries as Patagonia has am extremely good soil and climate for growing hop, which is – as you know of course – an essential ingredients for producing good beer. By the way, folks down here have there own Beer festival. Guess when? Yes, in October…

excursion-una-cerveceria-78So, micro-breweries have become an important part of local culture. Indeed, we find there is no better opportunity to practice your Spanish with locals and getting to know part of our local culture. And you will also have the possibility to order an assorted selection of local meats (including deer), another typical aspect of Bariloche.

Watch chocolate makers…sell their chocolate
Within Argentina, Bariloche is best known for its artisan chocolate makers. There are at least three chocolate stores per block in downtown Bariloche … where you can taste their products. We will not reject that offer!! You can also visit the Chocolate Museum which is quite close to school. There they will tell you more about the history of chocolate making. Guess how many of our students usually sign up for this outing? 100% !!

Visit a museum
Just in front of the school, inside the Civic Center, you can visit the museum “Francisco P. Moreno” http://www.museodelapatagonia.nahuelhuapi.gov.ar/ , where you will find information and a detailed description of the origins of Bariloche. Other museums are the Museo Ictícola, Museo Paleontológico and the already mentioned Museo del Chocolate.

Go to an artisan market or fair:
The artisan markets and fairs are a symbol of the city of Bariloche. There are many of them, in different parts of town, but the most representative is located in the center of town, in the municipal market and in Colonia Suiza. Some are permanent markets, others itinerant, some are open all-year-round, other just open on specific days. Ask us for details. You will find many different types of local produces on these markets: general clothing, handmade sweaters, ponchos, wooden dishes, sweets, clocks, earrings, paintings, rugs… all made from local materials. Depending on the time of the year, you will also find agricultural products, such as fruits and organic vegetables.

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