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in Argentina and Uruguay.


Walking tours

Academia Bariloche offers you weekly tours (weather permitting) to some of the most beautiful trails on the outskirts of the city, also showing you the local plants and animals. We usually leave school in the early afternoon and use public transport wherever possible.


Our picks:

  • The views from the Cerro Campanario, after about 40 minutes of rather steep walking in a thick forest of cypresses, will undoubtedly amaze you.
  • The Cerrito Llao Llao and Tacul beach are ideal for an afternoon picnic. A quiet walk through the cypresses and coihues (evergreen) forest, leads to the lakeshore which somewhat resembles that of the Norwegian fjords.
  • Cerro Otto with its rotating cafeteria and “Habsburg rock”, is one of the options for the more adventurous students (it takes a full 3 hours hiking uphill).
  • Gutierrez Lake, Waterfall of the Elven, Gutiérrez viewpoint, and more ….

We’ll bring the mate, you take your camera!

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