Learn Spanish

in Argentina and Uruguay.



At Academia Bariloche, the levels of Spanish language Learning are based on the Common European Framework for Foreign Languages. Our teaching methodology, on the other hand, is built along the lines of the communicative approach, oriented towards action.

Basically, we consider students as being part of a Spanish-speaking community while they stay with us. This community constitutes the specific context in which our Spanish students resolve situations of the social, cultural, touristic, commercial and other aspects of life. Our cultural immersion program is ideal for developing this approach and strengthening the different skills related to learning the Spanish language: reading and listening comprehension, written and oral production and strategic competencies, among others.

In order for students to develop the communicate skills corresponding to each level, we offer different types of activities and resources that help the specific and combined skills needed for communication. We always offer to help you and facilitate the learning process to reach the best results.

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