Learn Spanish

in Argentina and Uruguay.

Host family
Getting to know the Argentine way of life

Living with an Argentine family during your stay in Bariloche is the single best way to get to know our habits, our daily schedules, our food, traditional Argentine hospitality and much more. It obliges you to practice your Spanish in everyday situations, it allows you to improve your vocabulary and pronunciation and to get a feel for the use of certain expressions and phrases in real-life situations. Host family stays are the perfect way to truely learn and live the Bariloche lifestyle.

All host families have been chosen personally by us. We visit them repeatedly, grade them and are in constant contact with them. We offer single rooms and couples can share a double bed. All families are less than twenty minutes away from Academia Bariloche by public transport or can be reached on foot. A private bathroom can be arranged upon request and depending on availability.

The families that work with us are (and have been for some time) part of our program and know the way we work. They are prepared to receive our students and to introduce them to life in Bariloche. More importantly, they share with us the strong wish to receive people from all around the world, to exchange experiences and help familiarize students with our culture. We match our international students and local families, depending on their ages, special interests and food requirements.

Students can arrange special requirements and considerations regarding breakfast and dinner with their respective families.
In most cases, unless stated otherwise, bathroom and kitchen are shared with family members.

Individual rooms (breakfast+dinner): US$295*
*Prices per person, per week. During high-season (January, February, July) there may be a 50 USD per week supplement.

  • Private bedroom (incl. sheets and towels)
  • Max. 30 mins distance from our school
  • Meals are provided according to student’s preference
  • Free wireless internet access
  • Shared kitchen and bath room
  • Carefully selected host families
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