Learn Spanish

in Argentina and Uruguay.

Learn Spanish and enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities all year-round.
Learn Spanish and enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities all year-round.
Learn Spanish in Bariloche, Patagonia
Improve your Spanish with our proven teaching methods and cultural immersion.
Learn Spanish in Argentina at Academia Bariloche
Discover the stunning beauty of Patagonia while you study Spanish.
A Spanish school in Patagonia
Our communicative approach guarantees systematic and fun learning experiences.
Learn Spanish, Live Patagonia!

Academia Bariloche is now open all year-round, We are a Spanish school that caters to students from around the world. Located in Patagonia … [Read more]...

Continue studying in Buenos Aires and Montevideo!

You can now continue learning in Academia Buenos Aires and Academia Uruguay. When you choose to study at our school in Bariloche, Patagonia, you … [Read more]...

Spanish and adventure activities

An adventure package deal. This is a very special deal for adventure lovers: one week of learning Spanish plus 3 outdoor activities in Patagonia, … [Read more]...

Spanish and Tango in Bariloche …

Learn Spanish and Tango in intensive courses in Bariloche, Argentina, world's Tango nation! This offer includes: either personal or group Tango … [Read more]...

3 Reasons to choose us

Academic quality
Combine a state-of-the-art methodology with outstanding Spanish teachers and the result is effective learning!
Cultural immersion
We ensure that what we teach you will help you communicate in the real world.
Professional services
You focus on learning the language, while we help you handle the rest.
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