Aprenda espanhol

na Argentina e no Uruguai.


Toni (Medical Student UQ, Australia)

I went along with my sisters to try my hand at Spanish. I have a good grasp of German and have spent a lot of time in Germany having studied German at school and University. My German I felt was a really good start for me.

The thing that stood out for me most was the structured approach of our teacher Nick to the course. He was really organised starting on the basics and developing the basic elements of the language in a very easy to understand way and did not move on until we had understood the progressive elements. To me I realized this gave me the foundation over all the Spanish vocabulary rather than just the words or topics he later developed with us. Nick was undoubtedly the best language teacher I have had both through school and university.

I would thoroughly recommend Bariloche Academia to anyone thinking of learning Spanish and a really nice location. The principal’s Carina and Gloria could not have been more helpful for us.

Junte-se a nós e siga-nos no